Junior Lessons

Teen and Adults Driver Education Program 

Teens Classroom and In Car


Safety Center Driving School offers the latest curriculum as outlined by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Teen Driver Education Program includes 32 hours Classroom, 7 Hours In-Car, and 7 Hours Observation. Your teen will safely operate an automobile thus becoming a responsible driver.

We provide a state inspected automobile for training and Road test.


All of our classes exceed state requirements and involve hands on student interaction. Many high schools, especially public high schools, the only requirement for passing is attendance. Not so with us! We want to make sure the teen student understand the law. The content is delivered in an easy, palatable manner, and for each topic. Tests are given which the student must pass. We are more concerned with the students learning not just putting in 32 hours of attendance. Our standards ensure that students get the best instruction humanly possible.


Safety Center Driving School offers DPS Authorized Road Test for Teens and Adults. Do not wait for 4 months to schedule Road test with the DPS. Call and schedule your Road test with us at your earliest convenience and get your license. Road Test is available weekdays Monday to Friday and can be schedule on Saturdays.

As for Teens, we can test you regardless of your choice of on-line course, parent thaught program or Driver Education School.

For Adults 18 Years and up, we need your driver's permit from DPS and Impact Texas Driver's Certificate.

Please call 281 499 3624 to schedule your DPS Authorized Road Test. To make an appointment for the DPS Authorized Road Test, you must come to our office for us to review your papers and tell you what you need to bring on the day of the Road Test.

8 Reasons you should choose Safety Center Driving School:

1. We have Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) certified teacher as our lead Instructor.

2. Our lead teacher has master of Science degree in Transportation.

3. Our lead Instructor is Department of Public Safety (DPS) certified.

4. Our lead instructor has over 22 years of teaching experience in Texas.

5. All our instructors are Driver Education certified.

6. We have Driver Education Teacher (DET) teaching all classroom courses.

7. We have excellent safety record.