Adult Lessons

Adults Six Hours in Classroom

Learning to drive and receiving a driver's license is a milestone that bares great responsibility. The key to becoming a safe driver is having a competent instructor. If you have instructors who's patient, friendly, professional and enjoys what they do, then learning to drive will be a pleasant and positive experience.

Adults In -Car: Hourly, 6 Hours, 10 Hours

Our professional and patient instructors will guide you through your driver training experience by building your confidence, teaching you safe driving skills, and preparing you to pass your DMV driver test . All of our instructors have a genuine concern for traffic safety and are dedicated to helping you develop the necessary skills to become a defensive driver. Call us for Special offer and schedule.


Defensive Driving Classes

Our philosophy is to educate students to become safe and courteous drivers. With Teenagers now being at the highest risk of being involved in a traffic accident, we at Safety Center Driving School always emphasize safety first. Our course goes over changes in the current traffic laws, various driving scenarios, and other important information which will make you a safe and conscientious driver. Make your schedule at your convenient time.